Katherine & Ben say I do! An elegant Clarksville Tennessee Wedding followed by an amazing reception at The Belle Hollow; Clarksville Tn Wedding Photographer

I am so happy to share some highlights of Katherine and Ben’s Wedding day…there is so much to say about it I don’t even know where to start.  It was a beautiful wedding day from beginning to end and took place at one of the most beautiful (in my opinion) churches in Clarksville, TN!   Early in the day everyone was busy preparing – Katherine’s Mom helped her into her dress and helped her put the final touches on, as was surrounded by her closest friends who were laughing and just enjoying every moment leading up to the ceremony.  Meanwhile, Ben was getting ready with all the guys and had the sweetest surprise for Katherine – a bible engraved with her name, as well as a surprise wedding band that completed her set.  Talk about a tear jerker!

The weather kept us wondering all day, but held out for beautiful, elegant photos both before and after they said “I Do”, while raining pretty hard during the ceremony.  We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful wedding day!

Just before the ceremony, Katherine and Ben came together, being careful not to see one another, and exchanged letters they had written to each other.  This was such a special and romantic moment for the two of them as they anticipated saying their vows just a short time later.  Sometimes when you see a couple, you just know that they are meant for one another and you can see how truly devoted to one another they are.  It was apparent that for Katherine and Ben, that is just the case.

The storm cleared off just as the ceremony was over, and everyone joined together for a wonderful time at The Belle Hollow, with friends and family celebrating late into the evening.  There was so much energy and happiness throughout the entire day and things only got more fun as the reception went on.  I love when a group of people have a great time together, and this was no exception!  The beautiful celebration came to a close with the happy couple going out in style with friends and family surrounding them with a beautiful sparkler exit. Be sure to check out the slideshow video at the bottom.

Congratulations Katherine and Ben!  Thank you for having me there to document your beautiful wedding day!

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